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    gas price is indeed high these time. i can step to gas station to find get... can't afford they are driving there anymore. $ s not likely that highits definitely going to go better. the fiat records are losing value. Sadly it boosts food prices. Dollar weakness has nothing related to $ gas^Somebody just who gets it. It really is all me and friends. There might not be any supply together with demand fundamentals that will factor into fat prices. it's everybody!! I think people sneezing within miles from a pipeline is lead to enough to ship prices up $ everyday. ^EXACTLYForce oil speculators to adopt delivery and disallow their particular leveraging and oil prices will get rid of precipitously. What am I going related to actual barrels in oil I have many rooms with my Connecticut mansion, yet those are for servants! Come regarding now! hey green quick ques. Is it possible to lose money thatsYes. The internet Asset Value (NAV) can drop below $ causing loss in principal. This nearly occurred by the end of and ahead of time. What about funds in any Stable Income Pay for in aWater is usually next bitches While each of them dress black place raising funds pertaining to brown people many people slaughter them utilizing market efficiency. Way too many weeds in the human genome. almost everything costs more dollars. food, oil, automobiles, precious metals, medical care, prescription drugs. the dollar is constantly on the fall in significance so prices continue to increase. all fiat currencies are falling as a result oil companies will insist upon more notes regarding oil.

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    WFD? I tookamong my homemade chicken pot pies outside the freezer. Looking forward for it. Bland diet We caught the stomach bug that's making the rounds. Blech. Dayof potatoes and rice. Aw. Do remember bananas get some potassium as well vitamins into you actually. And tea, including chamomile or peppermint. Many people soothe the abdominal, and you can put a bit honey or sugar in for calories. And many times I make what I a youngsters meal, b/c the I employed to babysit ate it at all times. They just got buttered spaghetti, as well as a steamed vegie like broccoli by having a little butter. Really simple instead of too rough relating to the digestive system. my daughter and I merely got through them blech indeed. Whether tuna melt, a salad or maybe a smoothie or maybe out. All sound good to my opinion but I'm fullPizza Greens night and a lot of great beers, beginning with this one: Manila clams steamed within a white wine in addition to garlic broth. There were steamed manila clams most recently, so fat along with tender, so top notch. Yes, I'm really eager for it! teriyaki pineapple pulled apart pork and that is to be breakfast lunch and dinner for those next few days and nights. And then Let me still have several left to freeze out. I made almost lbs in a work lunch and we have a lot left finished. Came out considerably good though.

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    Credit cards are the problem It seems that at least % of the issues people have related to their finances debt are based on credit cards. How about the idea of not using credit cards period? If you don't would like to carry cash or need to buy something via the internet, use a debit card or the green Amex for you to must pay in full. I read quite a few study that stated that on average, most purchases made with a credit card are % greater cash purchase. No wonder the key reason why stores push credit cards. Also, the use of credit is usually as addictive as medicines or cigaretts for some people. Someone who possesses racked up bucks, or more of credit card debt definately is not in command of themselves or most of the finances. The key could be to live within a person's means. Self Deal with. That's what for some reason boils down so that you can. Some people can't live but without the big screen telly, or have the same sweater as Julie down the street. Sacrifice today to pay for tomorrow. Instead most giving up their future to pay for today. the key is to not make it so easy for the 'consipicuous consumers' to get out of their obligations with bankruptcy. If they get over their leads, it's not the tax-payers that will actually have to bail these out. the credit card companies are the challenge and unfortunately they will continue to cash in on it. they dont offer credit that is reasonable but deliver unreasonable credit limits fully understand people have little control over the allure of "free inch money. when you finally wakes in place, they are manner into debt. its a sad situation that needs regulation. Give me a break You don't buy what you may can't afford. The EVIL banks don't make you buy something. yes they do they will up your consumer credit until they private you. Retailers are too blame as well "Do you want to use or available an xxx company store debit card receive an increased % off??? " How many times do you hear that??? Some of my responses: Is cash still established here?? Can you will definitely accept the AMEX card?? Is a % APR interest mastercard really necessary for yourtime % low priced??

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    Has anybody else noticed this? The people crying the loudest for the big bad creditors with their monthly interest increases and fees are generally the biggest losers? Here's an example is that "anongdreason" poster. Here's a tip: if you never carry credit cards balance, you won't offer a shit about the eye rate. Another idea: the credit card companies are usually not responsible for "cutting you off" if you ever go on a number of shopping sprees. That's your task. Cut yourself away from. You're like that drunk driver who is out and kills somebody, then turns all over and sues the particular bar for not really cutting you out and wiping your ass available for you like a minor baby. Exactly! In addition to, I can't remember finding a major credit greeting card in years that didn't present an APR somewhere approximately and. Something different I noticed the people that bitch for the little guy looking for over on the debit card company for, or even K in financial debt is a fucking scumbag, but AIG giving Million of most of ours money just for 'retention bonuses' less than elicits a whimper. Or that most of these same credit card account companies received huge amounts of OUR dollars to fork out their bills, yet will frequently to harass you for just a $ payment. Why do SOME PEOPLE get bi france weather reports france weather reports llions with single digit interest levels and I can pay % regarding $? I think it is advisable to wake up you should playing by the policies they been fooling us with with the past years. Fuck these individuals, when the Governing administration loans ME a good billion dollars to be charged my bills and additionally I'm arrogant a sufficient amount of to boast we managed to be profitable You may slam me designed for my 'abuse' of my credit 'privilege'. Down while using the Devil I identified that upon starting to be debt free Document felt better. I was pleased with myself. I had hardly ever declared bankruptcy and also caught a zooming double-edged knife. Appears debt free at present longer than I am alcohol free. THE POINT: One's attitude changes when drink in addition to debt are with the past. A souring takes place, skepticism begin to be able to rule. It can be akin to a diet. With one, a couple, three of a d-group, we usually are better off over a day-to-day reconciling. Distemper in addition to depression can in the same way be controlled; this military sets your valued precedent now there. I quit smoking sometime inside the Eighties. I couldn't believe I could truthfully do it. I lost seventy excess fat. Likewise, astounding. When I have overpowered a behavior to be able to 'down', I have got benefited. If you would like to get some delight quick, quit!

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    Classes Question Other people have posted in this particular but I am still not sure what the option is. I 'm on UI, and want to considerclass that you will find Tu/W/Thursday from: --:. My other cl feta cheese dip feta cheese dip asses will likely be nights or weekends. That may be it... just loans. Will that impact my UI check? Probably... If not necessarily a certificate course that's on the edd listing of approved courses you cannot get UI for ones days you are typiy in class. You have to seeof the stop centers and inquire them. Okwhere juststop centers? Are they listed within the EDD sites? I have a home in Fremont. Heyfozy head over to school at evening only? That will not affect it right? By the way... what do you need to do? I see you on here lots. you have to be available to function - I am an let go since -- techie writer and mobile phone network admin/help desk support person. Use e to search for the stop near you. stop URL One stop page EDDif you're taking and up units total and you're bringing the classes for getting trained for an occupation and also you and the modules meet other necessities, you may can get indian horoscope matchmaking indian horoscope matchmaking your unemployment extended up to a year (and perhaps even get help paying for school. ).

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    Charcoal Bear (TM) 's third straight current market inflection point! Typiy beercan fishing lures beercan fishing lures the Black Bear (TM) policies! You got bearish 2 weeks ago Sorry, people were lucky previous to. Market timers under no circumstances winshutup stupidyou learn its trueGive meof them of someone posessing outperformed the market thru a large investment cycle (peak to trough here we are at peak) by timing industry and I will probably debunk your forecasts. I've ou sabbath candle prayer sabbath candle prayer t performed the forex market by %! Not over a investment cycle people haventyou actually dont know thatIt's remarkably likely though.

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    mailing people in any demographic Does anyone know who I'd contact to purchase here are the address for people inside of a certain demographic? I have to target people who own a property and make $K or further per year. Whereby would I set off? thanksinfousa Infousa is better source for common information for shoppers and business. They've been repitable and sole have public file information. Bank Problems to Cost Through $ mil The insolvency of merelybank in Kansas along within Missouri is expected to cost the Fed Deposit Insurance Corp. well over $ million. Through Olathe, Kan., your job of Thrift Oversight shuttered Security Discounts Bank, F. 's. B. The regulator claimed the -year-old loan company was undercapitalized along with had "no reasonable prospect to become adequately capitalized. inches read full report anyone out in that respect there 'been to boulder creek los angeles? i've heard there is a a restaurant/lodge, somewhere in your town, that has a smallish stream running through it together with a tree growing involved with the structure. let me chek it available. Brookdale Lodge'got it again. thx. watchout for ones methheads that function that place earnestly bizzare people. they might be zombies Ford will never deserve access to help you bailout funds offerings... ie, developing a 'self-parking' car that needs the driver that will shift, gas brake.. how usefulRemember whenever gasoline was skyrocketing? Citizens were DEMANDING self parks cars. Oh, wait - they wanted as a way to buy the gasoline or diesel efficient cars Kia sells in wwwwwwwwwww- yes its true. Nevermind. I'll bet it is because they self dog park.

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    The key reason why do people never enjoy the rich? Quite a few First the raising wealth gap. The rich run business they usually decide what the insufficient peons will earn. They have continually raised their own personal wages while causing ours stagnant. Second they pay taxes in the lower rate. I think many would be less upset along with the rich if everyof us paid the comparable tax rate. It seems unfair to many people that we've got to fork out 1 / 3 of our pay off check but an individual like Romney will pay for half that share. Third when it relates to a president and also other politicians what this means is to many some disconnect between them as well as the public. Consider that Romney talked about he didn't come up with much from speaking yet he made over $ K hard. I'm sorry but I watch a huge disconnect amongst him and myself when the guy can refer to usd k as almost no. If I had a whole lot of I could transparent all my financial debt and put money in retirement. Fourth consider any time the economy occurred many people damaged or lost their jobs or even got hours chop or were dress yourself in furlough days. But corporations continued in making good profits. Even lenders that were bailed released paid bonuses thus to their execs. Yet that it was largely the personal markets that driven the economy off. So we got nailed together with the consequences of their choices and they also got bonuses get rid of. Ever notice that this best looking person wins the Presidential ethnic background? wrong board person!! Ross Perot will need to have won then j/kRoss for boss was upon the deficit. He was complaining it would go to or simply trillion. Its above double that at this point. He was consequently correct. Anyone competing together with the big parties has got them descend about them. they do Not need to lose their control above the public. The parties should sell snake oil to prevent themselves in electric power. debates have refined questions. Noparticular answers questions. and things don't end up being better.

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