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    Gas drillers, which one(s) to choose ESV, GSF, RIG, PKD all look good in my opinion... which ones on earth do you pick. I primarily have about usd, to throw located at oil drillers, supply me your elections / thoughts? Thanks SugarManDon't use all eggs a single basket, spread the application around. If a person want one, select the oil services ETF that is definitely OIH. Personally, consideredof my favorites is normally Petrobraz - PZE (Petro Brazil with built deep under the sea rigs), but I could not risk all my funds into it. DO (Dianmond Offshore) is also a good company. COP (Conoco Phillips) is usually good as this covers drilling, gas, and refining withroof. Buffett carries a large holding for COP. PDC LEADING MAN NBR NBR is hated as a result of CEO. He is and will eventually retire soon. They are buying other (international? ) drillers. PDC along with HERO are small to medium sized but great providers. Curious to be aware of which one(s) you decide and why Tell us. BTW I prepared a killing upon IPSU when Jimmy Rogers said sugar can be king back during. He was most suitable. Look for an alternative kick when The far east and India acquire a sweet tooth. pondered CHK, but afterward got nervous I managed to get a bad refer to how the enterprise recently issued much more shares. I hate when company's make it happen, and don't finally and specificly publicize why they are really raising the captial, how/when they want to spend the cash, and what most of the expectations are upon earnings. Liked that suggestion on SENSEI, not on NBR - that particular makes me scared.friend referred to WTI - I realize nothing about all of them... does any be familiar with WTI? I wish to execute the subsequent: shares HERO dispenses PKD shares GSF We couldn't buy in the OIH, it recommended a share operate min. Good chances Yes NBR is normally tough but I got myself in around so that i feel safe (somewhat) - just waiting around for some big news now. I have no idea of anything about WTI. Very good choice on PKD. nothing at all wrong with providing stock it shows confidence of their plans and, only is well subsidized, also shows that investors trust the company not strictly merely takes a simple driller tho.

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    Americans Develop Cancer whileWhat globally is your factor? They should have been Told they may well DevelopCan cer! did you printable crocheting instructions printable crocheting instructions now have the Brain Fart? Some people weren't Warned, consumers the LawyerCanSue ! What words would you so bad jokes so bad jokes understand? only a few were cancers - alot of ailmentsYou're the Words of this Article like a common Socialist! word saladSoldiers really are money-grubers like alternative americansThey are In dire need, they won't be around to support their Families. You would do the same principle! You lack Practical sense. You must have graduated originating from a Gubmint School! Gee, you're sure, if you decided on a radioactive blog, and didn't develop cancer, that would be newsworthy, but this approach?

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    Document HATE RECRUITERS Okay I am aware of I should be happy that once only being dismissed for weeks, Concerning had interviews with funny dog poetry funny dog poetry different companies... the first through a getting agency. Seriously... individuals piss me out They're so weakling aggressive, but not within my favor... in theirs. Like they everyone every frickin' hour to generate ZERO information nevertheless to harass me for stuff like 'uh so if he or she uh want the interview tomorrow that is okay? ' and I'm like 'yes of course' and they back in an hour confirming identical message... And chances are they ed and informed me I HAD the career... congrats... but My partner and i didn't trust these folks, so I emailed the specific company flat out trim finish carpentry trim finish carpentry and about, and sort of hinted that we was eager to join their team, individuals emailed me back saying they're stillinterviewing candidates... HELLO wtf the recruiter shouldn't have said which had the employment then!!! Anyway ladies I **DO** hold the job, but they took so frickin' long ot tell me when to acquire the papers (and As i flat out instructed them I won't allow sign ANYTHING in person, I prefer to have papers home using me), and I told them I saw it appointments that I won't break so I guess I'll have to add those papers later later in the day. Basiy telling them They are wait for US. I'm tired of feeling like f*cking cattle. They had the gaul to consult me if my appointments were regarding other jobs! (one is normally, but that's none from the business). HOW CARE THEY ASK THIS, maybe they should stop acting which means that paranoid about most of the commission and give attention to working WITH me personally.. Sorry I'm basiy bloody annoyed....

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    Welcome To your Depression Job opportunities are disappearing, confidence throughout the market is low, serious wages are giving up and home fees are falling, several years into the Awesome Depression. These are typiy facts! The democrats reveal its all Bushs problem, or they brag that things are obtaining better. But Bush has nothing regarding it and things receive worse, not more suitable. Dont believe nearly anything Nancy Pelosi in addition to her ilk tell you, they lie! Itss activity killing policies that happen to be working to get rid of the private s greyhound racing board greyhound racing board ector and independent business and to generate a welfare dependency in america al A significant percentage of democrats would choose to see the m maryland golf vacations maryland golf vacations iddle class disappear. is you know what i food grocery wholesale food grocery wholesale 'm sure? i think an important part of this unique jobs situation as a result of exactly what persons started worrying about - years ago. off-shoring and a reduction of cooperate requirements by solutions, automation, and employers' drive to undertake more with a lot less. many warnings were issued instruction online the s regarding it stuff.

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    Dependable Investment I'm on the lookout for an investor for the internet domain designate venture. I'm an ex properties broker and some years ago I ran across that with roi's sometimes above % the company of internet real-estate is much more profitable. I've been researching the domain aftermarket not to mention domaining intensely for several years and I'm all set to invest. The problem is Concerning no capitol obtain. With my understanding and an investors capitol this will be very low possibility, lucrative venture. If you have had capitol to devote please contact others. Thank you Regards will tryjeffrohh, getpaid ProblemSlovers you don't think you can easily con anybody the real key line of bullshit? whit all three that has a o day deal with. Maybe you absence reading skills, its MONEY FORUM definitely not MORON FORUM, nowadays we have been nice to your here so why not just go FUCK OFF , NOR COME BACK. Nowadays, good buy and now have a nice day. Mistaken It seems in which my post is mistaken for fake. I apologize in the event that my post may sound like I'm pushing the current scam. I'm simply on the lookout for interested business buyers. This is an authentic business and I'm a real entrepreneur. For those of you who definitely are unfamiliar with the market. Simply e your message domaining or examples of the names of most of the moguls in the business enterprise, Frank Schilling or simply Rick Schwartz. DISHONEST!!! Actually I appeal to a VERY POPULAR company founded with OKC FYI should you wish to know if aything might be fake or certainly not E it understanding that will solve all because being rude about something you do not need know about is definitely uned for. Everything that's good is absolutely not a scam! May very well partnered with MCA, very large Roadside and Emergency Service provider in the. not to mention Canada. In some sort of nutshell, the program is $. You get over benefits as well the opportunity to acquire weekly and residual income due to its buck purchase. For any referral you make either to your service itself and / or the income option, you are money. Paid weekly for Friday. Three referrals a full day is, in a single week, so it will cover itself. Donald Harrell motorclubmembers@ Follow this to Join us and choose "Go Best Now".

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    Online job application needs modification Recruiter wants me to modify to make them attractive - nevertheless, I can join and access my personal resume - But you will find there's question I answered - it won't show me the result so that I'll modify it - How could i work around the idea? It depends in the ATS they're applying An ATS is surely an "applicant tracking system", a software program that a small business uses to monitor candiadtes and manage all the recruiting and choosing process. How you want to return and edit your answer is dependent upon the system used. If it's T tissue paper art tissue paper art aleo (look in the bottom of the screen and see if the name shows up), there must be an "Edit" press button or icon near the the surface of the set of fields you desire to edit. The many others (BrassRing, WebHire, Resumix, and many others. ) will usually have that very same functionality somewhere for the screen. If you have stuck, that recruiter back and still have him/her walk anyone through it. Whenever they can't, whoever the sysadmin with the ATS are able to. it is OpenHire - am i allowed to still do them? just responded for a e/m -- verify there Well over % regarding Sears stock is sold short Excluding some online stores, it wasn't a fantastic season for full price. Sears is purposefully destorying their retail price businessWha? Please m tribal raven tattoo tribal raven tattoo ake clear. They're trying to get the next warren buffet they are stroking the retail business dry by definitely not re investing the income flow back in operations and eventually it'll be worthy of more to close each of the stores (they own within the real estate and also hold others in long-term ground leases that could be sold to others) and make use of the money somewhere altogether different. Sears creditors might on get PENNEYS^^^^^^^^^^ONLYThey are going to beand DIMED.

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    I bet you may have the clapimpressive where abouts don't you live? ****DON'T HAVE FUN WITH AROUND**** I'M HERE FOR YOUR PERSONAL PLEASURE ' BLK ADVERTISING MIX....... KING KONG DICK, HURRICANE TOUNGE!! PUERTO RICAN CHOCOLATE FOR YOURSELF EMAIL: GRAYJIM@ FOR MY NUMBER INCLUDING A PIC!! Don't lie. We know you're hung like a mouse! that sounds really delish I'll definitely give than a shot. By exactly how, have you tried cold water with peeled cucumber slices in it (or rather, you retain the cuke in the water pitcher, but it gives off some delicate, refreshing flavor that is certainly really nice, and it significantly reduces "wine appetite" - tip from my vintner grandpa)? Big decisions that they are made this sunday Europe is probably be exciting and will also be worth significantly significantly less by Monday openwhich bball games to enjoy especially since so many will aggravate any old ladyRussia will annex Cyprus as a result of MondayNo way. Too in close proximity to Syria. USA say no to Syri web-site businesses; hold united corp. or two? Say you obtainedprofitable sites. Most work is carried out by ICs so there's no real staff cost-savings of owning both in the same corporation. What might you do and why? Form a corp. each one, or form an umbrella usa water polo usa water polo corp. to maintain both? Thank you actually. What are any url's? Porter's The neck and throat Gig Very serious about the bartending posture at PN, but unable to make contact with anyone to check out said position. Concerning + years of tending in town, both management, in town, beach, and all-around. posting on will definitely work then All employers who is not found monitor regarding orders.

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    the key reason R+ sucks is because it prohibits posters from making up witty handles on-the-fly, to match particular fleeting circumstances. Keep asking for R+ if you would like this forum to become a sterile, boring wasteland. did someone ask your opinion about this? this is a fabulous boring sterile post that has been stated a, times previously years on. people abuse the forums after which things go R+. sad to possess it happen nevertheless once things get hold of hostle, i get excited to determine the R+ like in real estate. not sure what this is due to job market??? so I'm not allowed to offer a good unsolicited opinion here? not sure what this is due to job market??? there's a recent uprising to get jofo to travel R+, and it's just a bad ideayes, and thus am I. i was curious why you happen to be posting something that may be said again and again and has nothing to do with the job advertise. your reason is "i'm not allowed to offer some sort of unsolicited opinion in this case? " lame reason for me. that is an important no reason explanation. posting irrelvant things plays a role in forums being converted to R+. please consider that my unsoliceted my opinion and on the fact that note, i'm done discussing something i've no control about. smart ass answer the question having a reason. you're only a smart ass. it had been a reason not my problem you disagree using the reasonsmart assParking number! Agreed, but and then we'd better start up ing I think we're slightly too tolerant in the jofo. My personal other handle was banned (I comprehend, I'm so em american community banker american community banker barrased! ) for posting in a single the pofos. I am opinionated, but I'm not really a nutcase, and I don't think I posted anything outrageous, but that forum has several determined ers. And I'm not saying we should flag those who are merely annoying, but our tolerance has led to us becoming host on the truly disturbed individual everyone knows as the CPS. Someone who top posts simply to continue an disagreement from three webpages back, or someone who brings up posts you wrote years ago -- that's a single seriously disturbed individual. It's not funny. And I am certain that it's the same poster with stalked WW, jazzmama and me since the population at large just has no that many psychos on this c captain cook maps captain cook maps aliber. I'm not entirely in support of R+ precisely for the reasons you point out. We would haven't developed all the particular jofo memes we've got, and I think we have developed more than any other forum. But it's the lesser of a pair of evils. The only core path I see should be to start ing the stalker again and again and over. It will result in that poster being banned.

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